How to Cancel Netflix Account Subscription

Netflix is one of my favorite choices among the live streaming service providers. Here the viewers get to watch several types of latest TV Series or movies on the basis of its genre. Once the viewers subscribe to Netflix, they can start to watch unlimited videos without any interruption of commercial. The availability of video streaming service like Netflix lessens the needs of watching Television at your home.

There was a time to watch your favorite TV series or movies, where you just have to make sure that you are sitting in front of the TV right on time. Netflix allows you watch it anytime you want to you don’t have to simply wait like earlier times, not any longer.

Netflix is a subscription channel service provide where you needs to pay every month to watch the contents. Few good things about Netflix are every new viewer gets a free trial subscription of 30 days. Right after the 30 get pass one has to subscribe into the website to start watching unlimited videos.

But there comes a point of time where you don’t feel like subscribing the channels in Netflix any longer because there are lots of free movie sites like 123movies are available to watch movies for free. So, if you are wondering how to cancel Netflix Account Subscription? If it is then,here you will get all the necessary steps to cancel subscription visiting the website using your Computer.

How to cancel Netflix Account Subscription?

You do not want any longer to subscribe to Netflix services, the reason may be you cannot afford the payment any longer. So, if you are one of those who are new subscribers then simply go for signing up by clicking on the free account into the official site. In case, you are old members of the subscription of Netflix then follow these steps.

Step 1:Visit the official website of Netflix using your computer, and then select the “sign-in” option which lies on the top most on your right hand of the web page.“Log-in” to Netflix with your existing Netflix account by entering your Email ID and password,click on “sign-in” button.

Step 2:As you are now redirect into the next page where you can find your profile just on your right of the screen. Click on “Your Account” option to go to the next page where you will find cancel subscription option.

Step 3: Now you will notice a portion on the left side of the screen where it shows My Account, just below that Member & Billing Segment, click on the “Cancel Membership” button.

Step 4: Into the next page, you have to make sure to cancel your membership by simply clicking on “Finish cancelation” button.  The cancellation will complete take place at the end of your present billing period.

Step 5:If you wish to renew your membership plans of Netflix, your viewing preferences will be save by Netflix for like 10 months just, click on the “finish cancellation” button.  So now you have finally the Netflix cancel membership.

Now you can go back to your account, watch unlimited TV shows or movies until the limitation time period of the Netflix subscription is over.

What are the disadvantages of Netflix Account Subscription?

You might not know that with some pros there come cons as well with Netflix Account subscription. So, what are the cons or disadvantages of subscription account of Netflix for which you will need to Netflix cancel membership.

  • Similarly like any other video streaming service provider as they requires internet connectivity, the same things goes for Netflix. Since most of the prefer watching high definition quality of videos or even 4k videos in Netflix, make sure you have fast and smooth internet connection or else it a waste of subscription to watch videos in Netflix.
  • While watching videos in Netflix may lose as much of 1 GB of data, each hour you watch any video contents from it.  Since Netflix uploads high picture quality videos of the latest TV series or Movies too.
  • Regional selection is perhaps the biggest disadvantage that I got to see in Netflix. The content of shows or movies from Netflix to watch in Netflix is been limited on the basis of your location or country.
  • Most of the video contents in the library of Netflix are outdated like the latest release of CBS networks. You will find only the Netflix originals TV series videos are up-to date.


There is no doubt that Netflix provides best services out of online video streaming service that is available. There is some draws in Netflix ignoring that the features of Netflix is quite impressive.  Follow these steps explained above to easily figure out how to cancel Netflix Account Subscription. After cancellation of the Netflix subscriptions the viewers can still enjoy the free subscriptions for a month.